Places of Interest


  • Munch Museum
  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Vigeland Park (sculpture) Opera House
  • University of Oslo
  • TV Tower
  • Akerbrygge waterfront
  • Parliament
  • Royal Palace 2pm changing of guard
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Akerhus Fortress

Recommendations from Tamar from Innovation Norway:

Evening/Night time places to go?

  • BLÅ (or blaa) this is a nice place to sit outside and have a drink. The street is: Brenneriveien 9c <>
  • Stratos: This is a place middle in the center (at a place called Yongstorget) here you find a bar at the top of the building where you have the view over Oslo. Very Nice.
  • Parkteateret: this is a bar/cafe in the area of Grünerløkka – this is I think a very nice area in Oslo.
  • Fisk og vilt – this is a bar in the same area of Youngstorget (near by the Stratos). Nice place to go. Not very big.
  • Dattera til Hagen (this bar/cafe you find in the area of Grønland (it has a very nice backyard)

Must-see tourist spots

Anything else we should try out or visit?

  • I think you should have a bbq picknic in the park (you can buy disposable grills at the supermarkets) and sit in any park you find to relax. The park behind the kings castle is nice 🙂
  • Go to the Grønland, this is a nice and different area compared to the rest of Oslo.
  • Heimen, here you find traditional food and Norwegian clothes ( You find at map on how to get there.
  • If you long for “cheap” Asian food – go to Yayas 🙂 I love this restaurant 🙂
  • Pizza Paradisio (here you find nice Italian Pizzas (this restaurants you find in Grünerløkka:)


  • Bryggen
  • Fish Market
  • Floi Banen Funicular Railway
  • Fresco Hall
  • Gamle Bergen
  • Ulriksbanen Cable Car
  • Troldhaugen – home of composer Edvard Grieg

Soccer: Fotballhubban
Drinks: legal, garage, Pingvinen, Kvarteret
Eating: spesial – vektertorget
Dancing: hulen


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