Sponsors for 2010

We will like to express our deepest gratitude to the following sponsors for BSM Scandinavia 2010:

Certis Security

With more than 50 years of experience and proven track record in protecting lives and assets, Certis CISCO is Singapore’s leading security company. Our holistic approach to security incorporates the synergistic combination of Man, Machine and Method – an approach we call M3. Our growth and success can be attributed to our ability to comprehensively understand the security needs of our clients, their environment and its vulnerabilities before implementation of the most effective security solution. This may encompass the deployment of well-trained security personnel and/or, best-fit and cutting-edge technology and/or systematic and efficient processes to effect total security and peace of mind.
Mr Fredrik Haren
Interesting.org is a company that inspires creativity. The first publication, ‘The Idea Book’, was one of the “top 100 management books of all time”. It sold more than 150,000 copies in Sweden alone and was reprinted six times in Japan. The author, Mr Fredrik Haren, has done more than 1000 speeches in numerous schools and companies to share his success story and to inspire creativity in the generations to come.
Maritec Pte Ltd
Established in 1987, Maritec has a history of more than a decade providing professional marine survey and consultancy services to the shipping community. Besides offering the full range of marine surveying services, Maritec in 1999, set up a laboratory to operate its own analytical and testing services in Singapore specializing in the field of petroleum and chemical testing. Collectively, Maritec offers clients a one-stop centre for all your survey and testing needs.
Pamarine Pte Ltd
In keeping with the genesis of its name (the abbreviated form of ‘para’ combined with ‘marine’ representing ‘air’ and ‘sea’), Pamarine is making inroads in serving on-shore and airborne industries as well as our traditional marine sector. Pamarine also continue to bring new products to market through the innovations of its R&D department. Pamarine acts as a highly qualified, dedicated partner to its customers, consulting on equipment needs and local regulatory controls, and delivering turnkey solutions supported by uncompromisingly high standards of service. Its expertise is recognized and relied on by organizations in both commercial and military sectors as well private recreational boat owners.
Prosper Marine Pte Ltd

Prosper Marine is a Singapore company developed and structured to serve the maritime industry within and outside Singapore. With a team of competent and dedicated personnel, and strategic tie-ups, Prosper Marine is well positioned as a one-stop service centre for shipowners. The traditional core services of Prosper Marine include de-slopping, tank-cleaning, marine supplies and oil trading. In addition, to better serve the industry and to grow the company to an optimum size. Prosper Marine has accquired in-house expertise in various areas including maritime regulatory frameworks, maritime casualty and crisis management, bunkering, ship-agency, ship-brokering, oil trading, maritime claims handling, and maritime fraud investigation.

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