Itinerary for 2010

BSM Scandinavia 2010 Itinerary

16 May 2010 Singapore – Oslo
Flight from Singapore to Oslo
17 May 2010 Oslo
Arrival in Oslo at 7.30am. Attend Norwegian Independence Day celebrations. Evening Picnic. Overnight in Oslo
18 May 2010 Oslo
Morning Company visit at Schibsted. Afternoon Company visit at BW Shipping. Overnight in Oslo
19 May 2010 Oslo – Aarhus
Company visit to Yara. Overnight ferry/bus from Oslo to Aarhus
20 May 2010 Aarhus
Morning company visit to Grundfos. Afternoon company visit to Vestas. Campus tour of University of Aarhus. Overnight in Aarhus
21 May 2010 Billund – Copenhagen
Travel to Bilund for company visit to LEGO. Travel to Copenhagen. 6pm tour of Copenhagen Business School campus and 7pm picnic at Frederiksberg Have. Overnight stay at Copenhagen.
22 May 2010 Copenhagen
Morning company visit Christiania. Afternoon company visit to Carlsberg. Overnight in Copenhagen.
23 May 2010 Copenhagen – Almhult
Explore Copenhagen and travel to Almhult. Overnight stay in Almhult
24 May 2010 Almhult – Stockholm
Whit Monday (Denmark). Morning company visit to IKEA. Travel to Jonkoping and to Stockholm. Overnight in Stockholm
25 May 2010 Stockholm
Morning company visit to Ragn-Sells. Afternoon scheduled company visits (TBC). Overnight in Stockholm
26 May 2010 Stockholm
Morning company visit to Hammarbysjostad eco-friendly residential community. Afternoon company visit to Jajja. Overnight in Stockholm.
27 May 2010 Stockholm – Singapore
Scheduled company visit (TBC). Departure to Singapore

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