Jajja, a rapidly growing search engine optimization company, was our last company visit for the BSM. Since its inception in 2000, Jajja has been helping several local firms as well as large companies appear on search engines such as Google, Bing and Eniro.

CEO Tommy Stahl is very committed to Jajja’s vision of being the best SEO company in Scandinavia. He introduced us to the achievement culture at the company, which is based on the values of joy, enthusiasm and professionalism.

Jajja uses this model to decide everything from salary increments to person-organization fit. Jajja doesn’t only incentivize its employees thorough this model, but also through other benefits such as free iPads, company outings and gym memberships. Though the model is concrete to ensure employee security and fairness, it will be increasingly difficult to implement it as the company continues to grow. Therefore, the success of this model in the long run will depend upon the strength of the firm’s middle management as well external consultants. It might seem to be very idealistic to have an employee who possesses all these qualities. This problem can be solved though collaboration; by teaming up employees who complement each others skills, a balanced work environment and personal development of employees can be ensured.

Tommy Stahl, CEO of Jajja

Mr Stahl is a young and charismatic leader, and it is very easy to strike up a conversation with him. He compensates for his lack of technical knowledge by relying on programmers within Jajja. He is also quite non-Scandinavian in his management approach. He is aware of the power that comes with his position, but doesn’t overwhelm his employees with it. However, when it comes to the ultimate decision-making, he calls the shots. I hope to one day learn how his Swedish employees, who are used to making decisions as a group, adapt to his leadership style.

– Shreya Jasmin Vora


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