Frolunda Aspvik

Sheeps at Frolunda Aspvik, BSM Scandinavia 2011

Handed down generation after generation, Frolunda Aspvik is a peaceful and vast estate located near Stockholm, Sweden.

Our late afternoon visit started with a brief background introduction by the owners of the Frolunda estate, Clas and Therese. Frolunda Aspvik is not just a farm; it offers rental accommodations, environmentally friendly agriculture practices, forestry studies and many more activities.

The owners took us to the sheep pasture where a flock of docile “baa baa black sheep” were roaming. These sheep groom the natural environment we were setting foot on, making the place livelier at the same time.

We went one step closer to nature via a trek through the well-conserved woods next to a lake, picking up some nice matured pine cones along the way as mementos. Near the end of the stroll, we were greeted by a small fleet of classic propeller planes; a mini airfield in the midst of farmland is indeed a pleasant surprise for visitors.

At the end of the evening, we were treated to sumptuous and tasty sandwiches by our generous hosts while we sat out in the open to enjoy the food, fresh air and the presence of friends.

Our visit to Frolunda Aspvik was an experience we cannot find in Singapore. It felt as if time had slowed down and our minds received a dose of tranquillity; Frolunda Aspvik would be a perfect getaway for weekends with family and friends. I wished I had had a kite to fly.

With the values and sustainability mindset that the owners have, I believe Frolunda Aspvik will retain its beauty for years to come, and I hope it will always be part of future BSM itineraries.

– Tan Ying Da


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