Garo AB

Garo AB has about 295 employees. Its branded electric plugs and sockets are famous in households all over Scandinavia. The company has a strong position in the Scandinavian market, but it has no plans to expand worldwide because of the huge costs involved.

Its business concepts revolve around simplicity, design, safety and profitable system solutions. The products themselves do not yield high profits. One of the key challenges Garo faces is to maintain the ability to stand on the forefront as first-mover in innovations while facing the risks of having its products copied by competitors.

The company is planning to be Sweden’s domestic leader for electric car charging stations – with state-of-the-art features such as key-locks, SMS services and parking meter combinations.

With incentives such as free parking and privileges on bus lanes for electric vehicles, Garo has high hopes of its brand being selected for state infrastructure projects as well as its setting national and even global standards when pragmatic city-dwellers start owning electric cars. And whenever energy is concerned, utility companies are the first to knock on Garo’s door for contracts.

I hope that Asian governments will get serious soon about eco-friendly transportation such as electric vehicles. Although infrastructure is slow to change, I do think change is inevitable and much needed for the good of our environment.

– Tan Ying Da


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