Our cultural visit to Christiania was one of the most unique experiences during the BSM. Christiania is an ongoing experiment in a controlled anarchic way of living together. Christianians are allotted a far-reaching degree of freedom, and at the same time are supposed to be active citizens. One can definitely sense freedom and self-expression in Christiania through the unique houses as well as colourful walls. They also have their own restaurants and bars that sell delicious food, and have a very communal way of living. They enjoy direct democracy and do not have to pay taxes.

BSMers immersed themselves in the unique cultural experience and bought souvenirs from the flea market. While leavingChristiania through the main entrance, one can read the sign “You are now entering the EU.” This implies that it sees itself separate from the state of Denmark.

– Shreya Jasmin Vora


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