Creatables is a start up with a mission: to create value from waste, which one of its founders, Erik Thorstensson, defines as material that costs too much to refine and commercialize.

Creatables wishes to spread the movement that acknowledges production efficiencies are from `cradle to grave’ and believes the solution comes in the form of better design in both production and product.

One of Creatables’ most innovative creations is the method of production hacking. This term, branded by Creatables, is  a process whereby the company adds their own knives in an existing die cutter of another company’s production line in order to create new products in a manner that requires zero additional energy or resource needs.

These new products maximize what would have been otherwise merely waste, for example creating plastic wallets from extra material in sheet production for IKEA’s lampshades.

As a start up, Creatables emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not easy. Thorstensson gave up living in a home for 2 years in order to have the financial means to fund the inital beginnings of the business. Furthermore, start ups should expect that some of its prototypes will be dismissed by buyers, that they will need to keep costs low, and that they will even need to provide their own manpower for logistics and packing.

Creatables also believes that the best form of marketing and branding lies in story-telling. The product should incorporate not only good design, but have a great story behind it that also boasts about where it is from and how its origins are eco-friendly.

– Sonia Mao


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