Opera Software

Walking from a bus stop, all of us had our eyes pealed to find We building number “98”. With a bit of luck, I found the unit number “98”; sliver in colour, closely blending in with the grey walls of many other shops and offices alongside. Opera Software headquarters was in a humble location.


  • Opera’s vision is to provide the best internet experience on any device.
  • Opera Mini is actually a service rather than a “mini” version of the Opera internet browser, as many of us thought it to be.
  • Operas generates revenue from various services; search box, bookmarks, working with telcos and phone manufacturers.
  • Opera’s pitch: more internet usage from users while saving network resources for the telcos via data compression of up to 90%.
  • Opera was the first to innovate “speed dial” and “tabbed browsing”.

What I liked about this company is their work-life. Trust is given to employees to “work their own way” to boost productivity. There are huge work opportunities internationally; it was said that limited environment equates to no better ideas. In context of PR, “You are not alone” is the attitude of this firm. It was this inclusiveness from social media that drives their consumer markets.

Anthony Nichols, manager of system administration, compared the culture of United States versus that of Norway:

United States Norway
There is always a “Decider” to override everyone’s opinion Hold meetings and meetings till common consensus
My idea is “best” mentality Humble people
Pro-business environment Pro-employee environment
People get upset when they are not involved in decision-making

– Tan Ying Da


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