Yara is the world’s largest producer of nitrogen-based fertilizers. The name Yara, when translated directly into English, means “good year”, which refers to bountiful harvests for the people. Today, Yara spans 150 countries, and has been continually improving on ancestral techniques for stimulating crop growth.

Aside from the aim of increasing its sales, Yara also believes in helping the Earth cope with the increasing burden of climate change, as well as an ever-increasing populating. With an uncertain climate and more mouths to feed, there is an increased need for higher agricultural productivity, and this is where Yara comes in – to feed the population, capture carbon, and increase the water-efficiency of crops. Carbon capture refers to the removal of carbon from the atmosphere, through chemical processes that covalently bond carbon with other elements, so as to remove excess from the environment. This helps to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases, as well as ensures that the carbon cycle does not stop.

Yara also develops its products such that even the byproducts from its manufacturing process can be used in other industries, such as reducing the odor from open sewers, so that there is less wastage of resources. Yara employees undergo ethics training, and are supported by an ethics hotline and the presence of their closest line managers. This is especially important in today’s globalised world, where Yara has many branches across the globe, and cultural expectations regarding ethics may differ from place to place. With a firm foundation, Yara can remain profitable while upholding its core values, and is truly a global-minded company which focuses on the long term interests of the world.

– Ho Bao Yuan


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