Semco Maritime, Singapore

In the world of shipping, Scandinavian companies such as Maersk and Sydbank dominate a large portion of the market. With large fleets, building and equipping a ship’s interior becomes a sizeable industry, which is where Semco Maritime’s core business lies.

Semco Maritime, headquartered in Denmark, is a leading project engineering company that deals in furnishing ships and offshore oil rigs with chemical, communications and fire-fighting equipment. Such technology is crucial to the safe operation of a ship; weather radars are essential to enable the crew to avoid sailing into massive storms. Fires can also engulf a ship within minutes, killing the entire crew, since a ship is essentially a large metal container – which is why a high-quality fire-fighting system must be present, to put out fires anywhere on the ship within 3 minutes, before the hull overheats and proves catastrophic. With such concerns in mind, Semco Maritime provides reliable solutions for naval vessels, and continually develops its products to adapt to existing developments.

To tap on the large maritime sector in Singapore, Semco Marine has set up offices in Singapore, and works closely with shipbuilding companies here to provide safe and reliable systems for seafaring vessels. To achieve this, Semco Maritime adopts a traditional Scandinavian framework when doing business around the world. Some values are:

  • Being informal, but direct and frank at the same time
  • Having a “low power distance” culture, meaning that bosses are not seen as superior beings, but more like senior members of the same family.
  • Striving for a win-win approach, where Semco, its clients, and its suppliers all benefit from doing business with one another
  • Being open and accepting of foreign cultures

Such values help build trust and understanding both within Semco, and also between Semco and its suppliers and clients, which is invaluable in the long run. These values also help Semco overcome cross-cultural barriers, and help it to grow its business across the world.

– Ho Bao Yuan


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