Jajja Company Visit

‘Change is the only constant’ is a statement that we’ve heard so many times that it is starting to sound cliché. Still, many of us fail to understand the meaning of this phrase and its implications.

During our visit to Jajja, I started to realize the importance of constantly changing and catching up with times. For a company like Jajja that engages in SEO, if they do not continuously innovate and match up with their competitors, it is likely that their clients will not be able to enter the top 10 in search results.

Apart from their competitors, I also feel that Jajja face challenges in using Google to help their clients market their product. Nowadays, many producers use Facebook and Twitter as a platform for advertisement as it is free of charge. This will bring tremendous pressure to Jajja. I feel that the only way for them to survive is to innovate and find opportunities so that they can leech on these social networking platforms.

Apart from the challenges that they face, I am also curious about the effectiveness of using SEO. Mr Stahl did mention that the customer retention rate is not very high. With so much advertising clutter and so many alternative marketing platforms in the web, SEO may have started to lose its competitive edge. I feel that this could be have led to the possible low return on marketing investment of using SEO.

Therefore, for Jajja to continue to strive in the industry, I believe that they must continue to come up with ground breaking innovations. With its elite team of employees and unique working culture, I am sure that Jajja will definitely be able to match up to the competition!

– Iu Weibo


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