Lego Company Visit

After the very imformative session with Lego, i would have to say that the highlight of the day was definitely our visit to the Lego factory. The sheer size of the factory was rather intimidating and looking at the amount of Lego parts that are produced per hour (I.e. 2.4 million per hour using lean production) was truly intriguing and simply amazing. The highly automated processes and production was definitely a rare sight to behold. It is amazing how the equipments can get so many parts into the box but after the visit to the factory, I do not even wonder how they do it. The level of automation involved in the Lego development process was so advanced such that Lego pieces are maneuvered around packed and stored in the factory in such a mechanized way which is both cost effective and pleasing to the human eye. The molding process was even more amazing when we were showed this small grey chain that was produced with just one mold and yet it remained very solid as well. In summary, from effort put into inviting the speakers to speak to us personally and providing us with a guided tour around the factory, which was usually highly restricted to outsiders for the security of their highly guarded technology, one could really see how much they were willing to make concessions for the noble purpose of educating young people like us.

– Jacquelyn Yang


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