Vestas Company Visit

The lasting impression that Vestas had left me with is its utilization of the 3D technology in the analysis of the wind turbine module. It is definitely an intelligent implementation as it saves costs, man-hours and enhances the safety of the maintenance crews. Also, it facilitates the learning and analysis process, as the virtualization enables the user to learn different components that makes up the wind turbine module. This technology greatly assists during troubleshooting as well.

The virtual reality technology also provides an avenue of flexibility as the different models of wind turbine modules can be incorporated into the virtualization module. This implementation is definitely easier and more cost effective than having a physical prototype module onsite.

In conclusion, the learning point I derived from the visit is that the correct implantation and adoption of technology can greatly streamline the business processes of a company and provide the benefits of cost savings, flexibility and convenience.

– Tan Ying Xuan


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