Schibsted Company Visit

The company of the prestige long heritage Norwegian company, Schibsted gave me a true insight to how businesses work in real life. From Schibsted, I’ve learned that business decisions does not occurred solely based on profits but sometimes it’s the environment that triggers it. For a very good example which is occurring to both Schibsted and also many traditional industries; the challenge of technological shift. This change challenge was so intense that many companies had no choice but to be forced either to comply or eliminate by change. On the other hand, Schibsted’s efforts to embrace the change challenge and even cannibalized its own profits of the traditional newspaper line by evolving and expediting the e-commerce platform, have displayed Schibsted’s foresight and adaptability.

Schibsted is a strong believer of being the first mover and its advantages even it means to kill its own traditional business of newspapers. Thus, I feel that Schibsted was led by an innovative and high risk taking management team. In my perception of a high-risk taking management team indicates that the company will have a steep organizational structure but to my surprise,Schibsted has a very flat organization structure and they are non-believers of instructing. Schibsted believes that convincing will internalized the person to the decision as he/she agrees to the decision and will be true motivated to perform the decision. I feel that in this modern world, change is inevitable and truly, only businesses which are willing to move with the environment and adapters to change can survive and sustain.

– Clara Wong


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