Vestas Singapore Visit

Vestas Wind Systems A/S was founded in 1945 initially starting out in manufacturing household appliances before it entered the wind turbine industry in 1979. Today, Vestas is the market leader in manufacturing wind turbines with a global market share of 19.8% as of 2008. They have installed more than 40,000 wind turbines worldwide in 65 countries across 5 continents and they are looking into greatly increasing figures as the years go by. To date, Vestas runs on a global scale by providing a total of eight different types of wind turbines serving the different markets all around the world.

We had the pleasure of visiting Vestas Asia Pacific head office in Singapore on Monday and we were warmly welcomed by a very informative presentation and an intensive Q&A sharing session. Vestas Asia Pacific head office serves as a vital function in the sales and service for markets in India, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the rest of Asia. Heavy investments were placed particularly in India and China over the past few years. Singapore’s strategic location was the main factor for Vestas’ choice to set up their head quarters here in 2006 in order to place increased focus on the emerging markets. As mentioned, the newest markets that Vestas is looking into are countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka which have steady winds and are away from the equator.

To be the No. 1 in Modern Energy, this is Vestas’ strategy, because wind power means the world to them. In order to achieve this, Vestas would ensure that they have the most environmentally friendly production, maintain world class safety standards and most importantly, ensure satisfied customers. Vestas aims to provide its customers with the lowest cost per MWh produced, and optimize security for the capital invested in a wind power plant. From what we gathered, building and transporting wind turbines is quite a challenging feet and as such, it is wonderful to learn that there are still companies out there like Vestas who are doing their bit to combat the problem of global warming. Given that we learned so much from our trip to the Singapore head office; it would be really exciting to see how our visit to Vestas in Denmark unfolds.

– Jacquelyn Yang Xueyuan


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