Hansa Borg, Bergen, Norway


For the last company visit during the trip, the BSM group had an opportunity to visit Hansa Borg Breweries – Norway’s largest brewery and distributor of various beverages. The visit started off with a tour around various parts of the facility, allowing the group to see the operations in the warehouse, bottles recycling plant, laboratory and the brewery. Throughout the tour, the host, Marcus, explained to the group the various functions of the machines and answered many interesting questions from the group. In addition, the group even had a chance to enter the control room – where water content and temperature of the brewing containers are maintained.

As with many other Scandinavian companies, Hansa Borg invests heavily into machines to make it more environmentally friendly. In Hansa Borg’s case, the company operates a chain of automated machines which recycle used bottles, perform stringent quality checks on bottles and reuse some of them for its products. An interesting observation made during the tour of the brewery was how with the help of fully automated machines, Hansa Borg has successfully decreased its labor force – from 50 to only 7 employees – while doubling the amount of beer it can produce.

Lastly, lunch was provided for the group by Hansa Borg which consisted of various open-face sandwiches and of course, beverages from Hansa Borg. The group also managed to try a soft drink by Hansa Borg which is only available for the Norwegian market. During the lunch, the BSM group listened to various presentations and learnt about the other products under Hansa Borg, such as Olden glacier water. Olden glacier water is pure water taken from the Olden glaciers in Norway and Hansa Borg markets the product as a drink which is fresh and pure.


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