Grundfos, Aarhus, Denmark


Grundfos is the world’s leading supplier of pumps and pumps solutions. Arriving at the head office of Grundfos in Aarhus, Denmark, the BSM group was ushered into a museum which highlighted the history behind the company and the vision of the founder. In addition, the museum housed several models of Grundfos’ most innovative pumps and an area made up to resemble the founder’s initial working place.

After a tour of the museum, the group then proceeded to an auditorium where they were presented with an overview of the company. An executive then introduced to the group the division he is heading – one that is tasked to implement fresh and innovative ideas. The functions of the division are to consider new ideas and innovations then work to implement the promising ones. An idea that has been implemented successfully is a clean water project in Africa. Through its water pumps, Grundfos provides clean water to the people in the remote villages of Africa and the villagers only need a chip to purchase their desired amount of clean water. In this way, Grundfos and the villagers both benefit as the purchasing of the water is done in a transparent manner which reduces risk of corruption and increased cost. Thereafter, the group was given a presentation by a senior writer on the corporate culture in Grundfos before proceeding for a traditional Danish lunch hosted by Grundfos consisting of various open-face sandwiches.


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